Monday, December 7, 2009

♥ two heads are better than one.

...or in the case of my new favorite etsy store,
the mother/daughter jewelry design duo
three heads are even better!

as you may know, i have a slight obsession with silhouette necklaces,
but i have never seen any that compare to the exquisite majesty
of those offered by the untamed menagerie.

which is why i am so excited to announce that this week they
will be giving away this charming necklace {above}
known as "a lady ought,"
to one very. lucky. reader.

for those of us who will not win,
here is another gift, on me:
ALL of the pieces below are under $20
and they are freaking gorgeous!!

the lovely ladies of untamed menagerie are penny and nikki,
a mother/daughter team that may share looks but have very different tastes.
nikki is a "pink haired punk" who pushes the envelope with her clothing,
while penny is a practical dresser who prefers basics.

both agree that their jewelry line is a unique combination of their
individual styles, which culminate in pieces that are
"trendy yet timeless."

they are inspired by nature, anatomy and baroque art and can take
anywhere from a few days to a year to produce the perfect jewels.

they live in a small town where boutiques are
hard to come by, and one of a kind jewelry, even harder.
thank goodness that this mom and daughter
took matters into their own hands. literally.

perched, $12

for your chance to win "a woman ought,"
simply leave a comment below.
a winner will be chosen the following monday!

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I like the profile necklaces, they are truly unique! Reminds me old school portraits!

  2. i'll keep my fingers crossed because these silhouettes are off the chain...literally!

  3. Those are so cute! Where you all these fabulous things, I will never know. I'm glad you take the time to track them down so I don't have to :)

  4. sami sami sami. i adore the marie antionette one. it is worthy of sophia copolla's rendtition. miss you tons and might not see you as soon as i hoped boo!

  5. so i read it. and, of course, like everything else you recommend i read, i liked it a lot.

  6. happy belated bday! i love etsy jewelry. if i were to win, id have to make a tough decision whether to keep, or give as an xmas gift to my BFF! hmmm i think i'd keep :)- ellie


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