Sunday, December 13, 2009

♥ music is an outburst of the soul.

so, here we are knee.deep in december,
on old man winter's proverbial doorstep,
and all i keep thinking is that we still have
months and months of icy ickiness ahead of us.

when i am struck with a sudden case of the winter blues,
i find it necessary to pacify myself with some
sun.drenched tunes from the pacific coast-
specifically san fransisco based indie rock band, girls,
whose debut album (appropriately titled, album)
will almost.immediately transport you to one of those
languorous summer days, where there is nothing to do
but lie in the sand and let the sunshine kiss your face.

their video for the song, "lust for life"
will make you burst with tears of joy
and say yes to the life.
yes. yes. yes.

and their colorful, wacky album photography
will make you momentarily forget
about the undifferentiated masses of black and brown winter coats
that you have been making your way through all season long.

happy listening.

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