Tuesday, December 15, 2009

♥ are you a city mouse or a country mouse?

as carrie bradshaw once said, "i'm whatcha call a bona fide city girl."
i love everything about living in the city: the hustle and bustle,
the crowds of people piling onto overpacked train cars,
the energy buzzing in the air, the lights everywhere,
the always–loudness, the never–calmness,
the pulsating heartbeat of it all,
and the shopping, ah, the shopping
that makes it all worth while.

but there are times when i long for a simpler way of life,
one that is filled with birds and trees and endless stretches of grass.
earlier this year, i got to visit such a place: deep river connectictut
a small town where my boyfriend's family lives, a town so precious
that the mere arrival of a walgreen's pharmacy in the
area was newsworthy. during our visit, nick and i joined
his cousins for nature walks with their trusty and faithful dogs,
kayaked, made s'mores and went to an old time fair,
which reminded me of the one in steel magnolias(1989).

although it was a particularly gloomy day,
the brightly lit rides and colorful games
had a sincere optimism that could not be denied,
and i have to admit, it was hard for me to leave the country
and return to the city that weekend.

for this reason, did i fall instantly. in. love.
with this county fair dress designed exclusively
by anna sui for anthropolgie.

not only does it have a fabulous exposed zipper in the back,
but the puffy skirt features some of the very best county fair rides:
the carousel, the tunnel of love, fortune telling, and hot air balloons.
i want it. i need it. i must own it.

and to top it all off, wouldn't it just be icing on the cake
to have a whole photo shoot of you and your soul mate
taken in a carnival setting like these lucky couples
who posed for their engagement photos at the santa monica pier
with the incredibly talented photographer, max wanger?
love. love. love it!!

{spotted on a cup of jo.}

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