Thursday, December 3, 2009

♥ it's in the bag.

according to my mother, when i was a little girl,
i used to carry my makeup around in a bag
that i referred to as "my shit."
classy, huh?
but in a way, i was right!

cosmetic bags are those oft overlooked accessories that get
beaten up, tossed around, coated in all sorts of makeup
and rarely ever replaced.

they are those dirty little secrets we have floating at the bottom
of our designer handbags, stuffed to the gills with five thousand
sticky lipsglosses, without so much as a thank you.

maybe this year,
treat your makeup to a brand new bag:

this marc by marc jacobs bow logo cosmetics case
will make even the most naturally beautiful women
think of a reason to carry it.

i am just smitten with these cute little bags
from anya hindmarch. they make life fun!

this ikat cosmetics case would add an exotic touch
to your everyday makeup routine!

this juicy loves sephora pink palm bag collection
includes literally the whole kit and caboodle!

could double as a clutch!

i love these terry cloth makeup bags from pottery barn,
that are simple and customized with your name or monogram!

this croc cosmetic bag from forever 21 is under $5,
which will leave you with plenty more $ for makeup!

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