Sunday, December 27, 2009

♥ put a gold star on my forehead and label me yours.

happy holidays, my lovelies!
i spent this past weekend channelling my inner kate spade and
decorated myself in festive, oversized bows wherever possible.
it was fun to explain to everyone that my bow.bedecked presence
was their present!

these do it yourself headbands and necklaces are fairly easy to make,
and just require a hot glue gun, felt, ribbon, bows and a bit of holiday spirit!

for the headband:
simply cut ribbon to fit around the circumference of your head,
or purchase a plastic headband

remove the adhesive tape from the back of the bow

position the bow in the spot you would like it on the ribbon or headband

cut a circle of felt(preferably a color close to your haircolor) that is smaller than the bow

using the hot glue gun, apply a dollop of hot glue to the felt circle, and quickly lay
the ribbon or headband over that, and then lastly place the bow.
it should basically go: bow+ ribbon (or headband) + felt = pretty!

the bow necklaces follow a similar pattern:

select the bows you will be using, for this instance i used two green and a red

take a paper sized piece of felt and cut it in half, from that piece, cut a U shape
cut a shallow U to create a bib shape of felt

remove the back of the bows and place them on the felt. play around with them
until you are happy with the way they look.

take out your trusty hot glue gun and adhere the bows to the felt.
cut around the felt, so the necklace is basically all bows.

cut two piece of ribbon that will be long enough to tie around your neck
comfortably with a bow.

sew either side of the ribbon to the felt.
fasten it around your neck to the position you want, and make sure
that it is the focal point of your outfit.

voila! you are ready to be re.gifted.

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