Friday, December 4, 2009

♥ "where should one use perfume?," a young girl asked.

"where ever one wants to be kissed."
coco chanel
{prints from emmakisstina on etsy}
according to the huffington post,
in a survey of 3,000 women a whopping 85% of ladies say
that they have been complimented by a man on their perfume,
and have been taken out on at least six dates as a result!
which scent is the most seductive?
number one on the list was number 5
chanel no. 5, that is!
one of 10 women claim to have met mr. right
while wearing coco's signature scent!

i am enamored with the classic look of the bottle alone,
but my boyfriend says that the scent reminds him of his mother,
which takes the seduction- factor down a few notches!
what do you think is the most seductive scent?

1 ♥ love notes.:

  1. vanilla i heard is big with the guys for some reason...but i think it was for them to wear but that doesn't sound right either...i dunno, who cares tho i love that smell


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