♥ GIVEAWAY: a course is a horse of course of course.

hello there, blog friends and happy thanksgiving week :)
have you heard of coursehorse yet??

i hadn't either- but after recently connecting with a member from the site, 
i am totally obsessed with the endless possibilities that it offers and am so excited
to tell you all about it.

coursehorse is an education-focused website that partners with over a thousand schools
 to offer a comprehensive list of classes, many of which are led by top educators, 
that you can select from with just  the click of a button. 

what sort of classes are offered on coursehorse, you ask??

let's break it down into three easy categories:

1) classes that enrich your life: acting, painting, dancing, playing music, date nights, diy!

2) classes that inspire your kids: fun programs & workshops for little to big kids

3) classes to advance your career: professional trainings & certifications

classes are currently offered in the following cities: los angeles, new york, chicago
and because you rock- coursehorse is now offering $15 off any course until december 8th 
using the promo code: GlimpseofGlamour !!

>>>> ALSO, A GIVEAWAY <<<<

 coursehorse is offering a complimentary class for one special reader,
to be picked, at random, by december 8th. please leave a comment with your
email address and the name of a class you would like to take!!


♥ what's good now at seasons 52.

most week nights are the same for me. i leave work, drive to my mom's and pick up henry, 
come home and eat dinner, spend time with the boys and fall asleep after a few episodes 
of thomas the tank engine or master of none (my new favorite show!)

but this past monday night was different!!! i spent my evening at seasons 52 in chestnut hill,
a wonderful upscale restaurant that changes it's menu--you guessed it--with each new season.
 celebrating "what's good now," means that diners are always offered exciting 
new dishes made from the freshest, of the moment ingredients.

 a few local food/wine bloggers and i were invited to bid farewell to the fall menu (yum!)
 as the winter menu would be switched over the very next day! 

as the manager explained, 95% of the time, seasons 52 likes to say yes to the customer-
and they did just that, accommodating my picky vegetarian diet, as well as others
with dietary restrictions. the blistered shisito peppers and hummus duo with
crisp hawaiian sea salt lavash (not pictured) were among my favorite
appetizers served that night! the flatbreads were light and flavorful,
and the drinks were plenty :)

lastly, i ordered the vegetables and pasta, which was delectable-
especially because it featured more vegetables than sauce, which
is something i don't normally encounter in my vegetarian travels!

lastly, the mini indulgences were a sweet way to wrap up a rather indulgent,
extra-ordinary meal. i tried the mocha macchiatto- which was sinful-in a good way :)

be sure to check out the new winter menu at seasons 52! 
your taste buds will thank you!


♥ apple of my eye!

last weekend, my family and i ventured to smolak farms for some good old-
fashioned apple picking! aside from the fact that it was 40 degrees AND snowing
(at one point!), it was such a treat to get out into the crisp air, enjoy the gorgeous 
foliage, munch on some delicious apple cider donuts (oh, and apples!), and hang
out with my siblings- whose company i love more and more as we get older.

i knew it was going to be cold that day- so i strategically layered myself with a sparkly 
sweatshirt, a red puffer vest and plaid cape and didn't once complain about how chilly it was!!!
 (yay! i'm a grown up! i did the same when dressing baby henry as well ;)

i also took the opportunity to pull out the quirky accessories- my hello kitty beanie 
and my favorite new pair of glasses-- these delicious black & white striped kate spade specks!

i am totally OBSESSED and apologize in advance if you see my in them in every selfie from 
now until eternity. they are just so eye-catching (get it?) that i can't help but want to pair
them with every print in my closet and every lipstick in my collection. and on the inside of
the glasses is one of kate spade's oft-used quotes "boys make passes at girls in glasses,"
another little detail that has me falling head over heels for these frames!

for more cute glasses made by designers you'll love, check out visionworks!

outfit details: sweatshirt & hat (old): forever 21, puffer vest (old) : j crew
cape: vintage, glasses: kate spade c/o visionworks


♥ trillfit vol. 2!!

tomorrow, the second installment of wellness and entertainment concept, trillfitwill take place 
in a new location, with new teachers, set to new music! i had an opportunity to ask founder,
 Heather C. White, what to expect the next time around and here is what she had to say:

so there are a TON of things that make this next event different from our launch.
first: we had to find a bigger space! we're now on the second floor of the BCA at
Deane Rehearsal Hall in the South End. i'm really excited to bring the event to
Tremont street because it's a bit easier for people to get to and i'm hoping all
the local shops and restaurants will get some visits from our attendees.

second, the lineup is different: we launched with pilates and dance, 
and this time around, we're really focused on cardio with Kick it! by 
soul is the focus of the music this time around- Leon Bridges is performing sunday night,
and i just love his music. my good friend Mick remixed his entire album- and that was kind
of the inspiration for this event series. still working up a sweat- but doing it to soulful
music, remixed and chopped to evoke that TRILL musical ambiance that we created with 
the first. Nick Bishop, our DJ, has a really great set planned.

we also have some giveaways lined up- first we're giving away a Nutirbullet Pro
on our instagram, and at the event we'll be giving away some more goodies from PUMA,
 Monster 24K speaker system AND two tickets to Leon Bridges concert at Royale that night!

thank you, heather! i will think of the fabulous workout your attendees are getting
as i snarf down apple cider donuts while apple-picking with my family tomorrow ;)

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