♥ fresh ink.

i am not a big tattoo lover, but i do appreciate some good ink-
which is why i must share the work of cheyenne randall,
a seattle-based artist who has added ink to just about
every pop cultural icon. check out his
& website, shopped tattoos!


like every basic chick with a blog, i love wes anderson-
so, when i heard that he designed a bar/restaurant in prada's 
newly opened arts & culture complex in milan 
(fondazione prada), i had to share.

the bar luce is inspired by 1950's italy-
complete with classic formica furniture in pastel colors,
the life aquatic- themed pinball machines, and trompe l'oiel wallpaper
that looks like it came right out of the grand budapest hotel.

just like his films, every little detail is delicious and decadent.
needless to say, i'm obsessed!


♥ a fool for tulle. part 12.

katie rodgers of paper fashion is so talented- that i am jealous of every little 
painting  that she posts on instagram - especially the videos where she so
effortlessly brings these "shadow dancers" to life with
  a few simple lines. oooh the envy!

and i am even jealous of the classic beauties that she paints because they 
get to waltz around in these dramatic tulle dresses that i would kill
 to wear. don't you love?


♥ i want to read....

love aziz ansari. love his stand up. loved him on parks & rec.
 and now i love the excerpts from his new book 
(out june 16th!)modern romance.

isn't the cover so pretty?
i have no time to read, but for aziz, i would make time!
let's treat ourselves to what sounds like a deliciously hilarious book :)

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