♥ life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we're living now. ~paul coelho

on saturday, the boys and i took a quick (and unexpected) excursion to george's island.

with the weekend forecast predicting stormy, miserable weather, we were pleasantly
surprised that the rain held off and allowed us to enjoy a summer day outside without
the sweltering sun! 

it was henry's first time on a boat- and he did very well :)
(thank goodness the ride was only 45 minutes long)

summer concerts to attend, and cute little monsters to find

we spend so much time walking around castle island, that it was nice to 
get a change of scenery without really spending too much time
(or money) traveling!

 i can't wait to visit again!


♥ the unbearable lightness of being.

my bff, marykate, refuses to get a smart phone.
how she has the strength to resist having the world at
her fingertips is beyond me (!!) and i give her props for
staying as disconnected as possible.

but! the light phone makes her simple cell phone
(which allows texting and picture sending, thank goodness) 
look super advanced in comparison.

meant only for phone calls, and small enough to slip inside your wallet or
pocket, the light phone is definitely a phone away from phone!
i want one!


♥ geek chic with gucci.

gucci's newest creative director, alessandro michele, is taking the brand 
in a decidedly different direction than predecessor, frida giannini.

the newest incarnation of gucci is a quirky/ seventies/ wes-anderson-looking
amalgam of pussy bows, berets, chevron prints, oversized glasses and
clashing colors that i am just loving. 

is it just me or could these models be characters from 
a film adaptation of scooby doo??!!

these collections are definitely a great example
of clothing that is so ugly, it's beautiful.
i can't wait to see what's next.

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