♥ tomorrow's people.

my sweet baby henry is a multi-racial mutt.
a brilliant blend of chinese, french, scottish, italian and german-
he has become what my friend debbie and her husband affectionately
 call their mixed children, "tomorrow's people."

when i saw this national geographic feature on the future faces of america, 
i could not help but think of my own brother and sisters and the beautiful,
 racially-ambiguous children that we are adding to
the american population :) 

ps.chris noth speaks about a post-racial society.


♥ twinsies.

i just spotted the enormously adorable tumblr, zoey and jasper
on honestly wtf, and i can't get enough of how cute it is! 
photographer grace chon's rescue dog & her little boy 
make the perfect pair in their twin looks. 

i think i might have to make a copycat tumblr
starring my two babies: henry and talula!
what do you think? ha!


♥ white out.

being on maternity has afforded me a bit more time to

in this film noir, actress lana turner plays cora smith-
the unhappily married wife of an innkeeper, who falls
for a drifter named frank and together they plan to
murder her husband and make it look like
an accident.

throughout the film's many twists and turns,
the white costumes worn by cora remain consistently impeccable-
allowing her innocence to shine through in each scene,
no matter how devious her character is.

with summer just around the corner (fingers crossed!),
i am looking forward to wearing lots of white in the
coming months- here is a bit of inspiration:

costume designer:irene lentz
images via google


♥ stuffed with love.

perhaps since having a teeny little baby,
i have developed a penchant for all things tiny-

which is why i am feeling a considerable fondness for these 
small handmade bunnies & bears by etsy maker,

henry needs one in his mini crib, like, now.

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