♥ on repeat.

do you ever come across a movie that you never tire of watching,
and put on in the background, even just to intermittently look up
and catch a bit of it here and there- and feel instantly happy?

that is precisely how nick and i feel about boy (2010).
we seriously cannot get enough of this film and notice something
different every time we watch it! 

what's your go-to background movie?


♥ i need a (spring) break.

when an email announcing ban.do's latest spring break accessories
arrived in my inbox this morning, as i trekked through the snow,
i was instantly reminded of those carefree days back in college
 when i had nothing to do but have fun with my friends,
and enjoy doing nothing!

if i can't have the time off (or the spring weather, for that matter),
i am happy to know that i can, at the very least, 
put a little spring in my step with something f
rom this colorful and kitschy collection:


♥ henry first blizzard.

 at this point, complaining about the snow here in boston 
is a bit overkill-so in lieu of that, i will share some
pictures i took of henry's first venture out into
the icy white wilderness.

 as you can tell, he did not like his snow suit, 
but as soon as he got outside, a serene calmness took over,
and he was quiet and contemplative as the snowflakes landed
on his long lashes. i can't stand the cuteness!!

and i can't wait for spring to come so that we can 
take him for walks in the sunshine instead :)

happy march!!


♥ love is old, love is new.

how adorable is this limited edition t-shirt
i spotted it the other day on one of my favorite blogs, 
advanced style, and could not get the look out of my head!
i need that feather kimono!

there is nothing i like seeing more than stylish older women getting 
their time in the spotlight. have you seen kate spade's latest spring campaign
featuring the inimitable iris apfel & karlie kloss?? i am obsessed!

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