♥ taking the plunge.

a week after my best friend, carolyn, took the plunge-
she visited the pool of her wedding photographer, grace taylor,
and took a different type of plunge-in her wedding dress!

after learning that grace also specialized in underwater photography, 
carolyn made the decision to take some photos in her gorgeous gown.
according to the bathing bride, "it was a fun way to wear and play in my dress again!"

don't you love how the pictures turned out? 
it's like her dress was meant to be underwater!


♥ i'm bringing "bootie" back.

it may not officially be fall until next week- but it's officially freezing outside,
which means bye bye sandals, hello booties!!

i have been looking for the perfect pair to wear to work.
here are some that have caught my eye on shopbop lately:

ps. got an iphone? download the shopbop app and get $25 off 
your next purchase of $100 or more! click here for the deets!

pps. watch meghan trainor bring (the other) booty back on jimmy fallon :)


♥ #nofilter.

did you see the sky last night?
i caught a glimpse of it from my window and just had to
take henry outside to witness the earth's majesty.

the clouds remind me of the ceiling at the boston opera house--
or should it be the other way around? either way- 
have a gorgeous weekend!


♥ well supplied.

school is back in session- and here i am, longing for the days my dad would 
take us to staples to buy whatever supplies we needed for the new year ahead.

while i am not exactly back to school material, i do love these 
adorable accessories from ban.do to add a little sense of humor to a
student's (or teacher's!!) day:

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