♥ a sunny life.

with temperatures heating up to the 70's and 80's,
spring is fast forwarding to summer pretty quickly here
in the north east-- which is why i already have my eye
on the perfect beach accessories. 

australian brand, sunny life, offers the cutest products to
 hit the beach in style. find them at bloomingdales, shopbop,
and anthropologie! i want ALL of them!!!!


♥ spring has returned. the earth is like a child that knows poems. ~rainer maria rilke

hello strangers- happy spring!

here are some recent pictures from our weekend trip to 
new hampshire where we had our first ice cream of the season,
celebrated a friend's birthday with more babies around than booze,
and enjoyed the rustic outdoors as much as the quaint interiors. 

i've missed you :)


♥ god help the girl.

this weekend, i watched god help the girl (2014), a quirky and quaint musical film
written and directed by belle and sebastian's talented lead singer, stuart murdoch.

featuring songs from murdoch's musical project, god help the girl,
the young actors play out the making of a band during one magical summer.
according to the producer barry mendel, "it's a simple story- about the brief moment 
after you've realised what you want to do with your life, before your dreams settle into 
becoming your job, when you're filled with enthusiasm, meeting like- minded friends 
and the possibilities are endless."

on top of that, is the fashion- which is so quirky and vintage-inspired
(or should i say, twee? ) that i had to share:

images via pinterest :)


♥ my new specks!

after trying on five fabulous pairs of warby parker glasses,
i settled on the "kimball," because, let's face it, they have the most
interesting shape and you really can't miss them!!

i met a woman wearing a pretty eye-catching pair of pradas and she
made the best comment to me:

"if i'm going to go blind, i better look good doing it!"

i couldn't agree more!
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