Thursday, April 28, 2016

♥ the art of transformation: tiffany blue book.

necklace with marquise tanzanites, green tourmalines, aquamarines and marquise and round diamonds,
with a cushion-cut aquamarine drop, $525,000

first published in 1845, the Blue Book catalogue is the annual presentation of Tiffany's 
 most magnificent, show-stopping works of bejeweled art- made from the rarest gems.
this year, they are celebrating the art of transformation:

"transformation happens, as if by magic, in the quiet places that we so easily overlook,
where all is still. but just below the surface, a new and brilliant world unfolds. 
cocooned in silence, shapes shift and transform, slipping from one element into another.
intricate treasures are unveiled. life unfurls, stretching, pushing vigorously up
until stillness bursts into extraordinary beauty."
earrings of cushion cut tanzanites with fish of round diamonds and blue caprian elbaite tourmalines, $50,000

necklace of cabochon and faceted green and blue tourmalines, tanzanites, iolites,
apatites and fancy color sapphires, $1,280,000

emphasizing the unique and exquisite vision of design director, francesca amfitheatrof, 
the 2016 blue book collection showcases the best of the very best in couture-made 
Tiffany treasures- i like to think of it as an embarrassmant of riches ;)

cuff of round diamonds, $275,000

cuff of marquise and round diamonds, $575,000
what is your favorite piece from the new collection??

Saturday, April 23, 2016

♥ play smart, play safe with block island organics.

in highschool, my bestfriends and i would have sleepovers where we would watch romcoms,
play games like truth or truth (who likes dares??), and eat delicious snacks. when it came time
to change into our pajamas, each girl would take her turn washing her face in the bathroom.
all except me. i went to bed with a face of half-worn off makeup, and by morning the other
half had always magically disappeared!

while i am still known to do that every now and again-( hello, motherhood!) i am proud to
 report that my skincare routine has become alot more sophisticated as an adult woman.
this definitely begins with quality products- like this purifying facial cleanser from
local, family-owned company- block island organics.

this cleanser works well alone or with my faux clarisonic (ha!), lathers with even just the
teeniest squirt from the bottle, and leaves my face feeling fresh and not dry. i LOVE that
 the natural ingredients are pretty easy to pronounce (hello rosehip! marigold!
 and coconut!), that its paraben-free, without those fake flowery smells, 
and is made without animal testing!

block island organics' belief is that good skincare starts with good sun-care, 
for both day and night-which is why they offer natural sunscreens to protect during
daytime hours and organic cleansers and moisturizers to refresh and rejuvenate after 
the sun has gone down. i appreciate this company's commitment to educating 
consumers about sun-protection as well as their truthfulness regarding
what goes into making their products! talk about coming clean! :)

* i was provided a bottle of block island organics cleanser-
all opinions are my my own. *

Friday, April 22, 2016

♥ cross your heart.

if i did not just invest all my worldly savings into a new home,
i would definitely find a way to make a mark cross grace bag a part of my life.
not only does it come in a variety of colors and sizes (from mini to overnight!)
but it also is an exact replica of the purse carried by the inimitable grace kelly
in the alfred hitchcock thriller, rear window (1954)

images via google

i love how fresh and modern the vintage handbag looks with updated color and materials!
i want ALL. OF. THEM! (click images for links)

...especially the one grace wore!: