Monday, August 9, 2010

♥ in the mood for love.

i saw recently that the brattle theater in cambridge has a summer repertory
series called "the best of the oughts," which basically features two fabulous
yet underrated films from the past decade and plays them each wednesday and
thursday night. (see schedule)

last week's lineup was sofia coppola's lost in translation (2003), which is
one of my all time faves, and in the mood for love (2000),which i had never
even heard of! i watched the trailer and was instantly intrigued.

moments later, a search for the film on netflix proved it to be an instant play,
which to me was instant gratification! i put it at the top of the queue and vowed to
watch it as soon as i had a chance.

days later, i saw this post on the glamouri, which only solidified my desire to watch
the movie as soon as possibly possible, and let me tell you friends,
it did not disappoint. not only is it a compelling love story that is gorgeously acted,
but the costumes are positively stunning. i could not stop staring at the lead actress,
maggie cheung, whose dresses were the same style but with a different pattern print
in every single scene. throughout the entire film she wears her hair in a high bun,
which plays up the elegant neckline of her mandarin collared dresses.

this film definitely left me in the mood for love (oh, and dress shopping.)
here is a pretty peak:

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Darling you have to see this film and other Wong Kar Wai flicks... I grew up on a diet of old skool Chinese movies... the art direction, cinematography, costumes are amazers and will blow you away.

    Enjoy & have a fab week hun!

  2. love these pictures and now I will need to add this to my netflix queue as well!

  3. naina, you will LOVE this film! watch it on your computer instantly!

    a brit greek-- what's your first name? and also which film do you recommend i watch next??! i am chinese and i never watch chinese films. it's a damn shame!

  4. I have never seen this film. I love the vintage vibe that the pics have. Love your blog too. Happy Monday!

  5. Cool photos!


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