Wednesday, August 25, 2010

♥ rock the vote.

my friend timothy (see this week's tom petty pics) recently entered his amazing,
eclectic living room into the cb2/ the selby in your place contest.

i have to say that even though i have been to timothy's home in the cape a few times
now, each time i visit i find that there is something different and enchanting to look at.
whether it is the colorful artwork (most of which is his own), the tribal masks,
the gorgeous schumacher furniture or the various antiques he has collected
over the past ten years, timothy's space really is comparable to an egyptian temple!

and if you saw what the house looked like from the outside (a traditional saltbox home )
you would never guess what type of magic the interior holds.
he and his home need to be on the selby. they were made for it!
vote here.

9 ♥ love notes.:

  1. oh wow, this is his actual living room? It's so unique and artistic, i love it!

  2. I adore the eclectic style! Such a dream of apartment!
    Boho Market blog

  3. I adore that room. Simply adore.


  4. beautiful-so artistic and eclectic!

  5. Are you kidding me?! Tom Petty tix and this house? Who is this guy, and how can I make him best friend?

  6. Wow, i love how his personality seems to shine through the decor!

  7. Thank you everyone! Please remember to vote :)!!



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