Thursday, August 12, 2010

♥ the joy of dressing is a way of art.

i have to say that i have been very unimpressed lately with what's in style.
flipping through fashion magazines usually fills me with a sense of inspiration
and excitement for what's on the horizon, but lately i feel bored;
like i want to lie down and take a big nap.

camel colored trenches? khaki green safari jackets? leopard?
wine colored lips? lace? clogs? hasn't it all been done before??
i know that fashion is just the rebirth and reincarnation of trends,
but shouldn't a little time elapse in between these trends to get people
excited when they seem them again?

but before i become too much of a debbie downer, let me share
something with you that did send my pessimistic heart aflutter:

images from nordstrom's fall 2010 catalogue starring
the gorgeous coco rocha in the art–filled studio of my favorite
fashion illustrator, ruben toledo. (watch photoshoot here)

are you excited for anything this fall?

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  1. i love the gloves in the first picture, that would be a fun trend :)

  2. Just came across your blog and loved the girl in the red dress...gorgeous! I'm excited about heeled hiking boots this season...seems like a comfy way to go glam:) We're following!

  3. she is JUST incredible
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  4. I can see what you mean. I just picked up a bunch of September issues yesterday, but I haven't had time to thumb through them yet. I am really excited about the return of refined ladylike dressing. Grunge was never meant for me. I tried, and failed. I'm also pretty pumped about military style jackets.

  5. Did you gals watch the video with Coco? I don't know how I feel about the guy from Nordstrom saying everything is more "minimal" this year. I hate minimal!!! What's an over-accessorized girl to do?

  6. Just become your 90th follower after you became our 80th! Love Coco Rocha ;)


  7. great pics Sami...agree not into clogs and camel color doesn't look all that great on my skin tones. But I do want a cute military jacket :)

  8. your blog is pretty fabulous too!

    so glad we found eachother's little blogs!!!

  9. so glamorous! I love the model, the space, and especially those green tights. I was excited about wine colored lips and courderoys. (well cords weren't on your list, but I think they are big this fall?!) What do I know. I write about food, not fashion.

    I love your blog!

  10. Art is right!! I love seeing what people wear and how they dress themselves! And by the way, that dress in the second pic is STUNNING!! So my style ;-)

  11. Just be yourself sweetie, it's Individual Expression after all. I do get bored sometimes too, when that happens, I just let it be, then one day the inspiration just come back, so be easy on yourself and just enjoy one day at a time, wishing you a wonderful day, HUGS and Kisses, Jemina, xoxo

  12. I am so inspired and hyped up! I can't wait for fall/winter clothes shopping :) By the way, nice blog here, i really enjoy reading it, and in face, I'm a follower now! Keep it up!

  13. Every year I get swept up with all the excitement for fall! I just can't help it. This year I'm really excited for menswear styles, leopard print (which I've never really worn before), leather, and every single thing Marc Jacobs sent down the runway for FW2010!

  14. very well written and great blog :)

    i would have to agree that trends are resurfacing very quickly that i still have a lot of the trends in my closet i.e. leopard.

    i'm excited for pants and silk blouses this fall. i want to stock up on both!

    i adore that first photo!

  15. I'm so glad you found my blog... and happy to have yours added to my Google Reader!! :) Love this post... I'm a Ruben Toledo & Nordstrom fan! Um... I'm definitely wanting a little military jacket for fall - oh, and some cute platform pumps from J. Crew. :) xoxo

  16. I love the dress in the second pic.
    and thanks for the nice comment about my recent blog post, I am fascinated by china, tried to learn Chinese also but it's quite difficult.
    perhaps you can do posts about Chinese culture I am sure people would like to read it, I definitely would.

  17. you gals are all so positive! thank you for the inspiration! i am feeling the excitement for fall a bit now :)!!

  18. I love those first two dresses, and those fun "socks" in pic #1! And that red dress is glamorous yet still wearable for the average person (which is usually the style I most fall in love with) :)

  19. LOVE THIS! very inspirational.
    just came across ur blog, & i love it! will follow u.

    Follow me too:


  20. ... unfortunately nothing good on the menswear front...Fall collections will begin rolling out soon, but its still all the same...just the same re-hashed yesterday's trends with minimal detail, boxy cuts, and conservative colours...Lanvin looks interesting, but still there's little I'd actually wear, let alone justify spending thousands of dollars over...why oh WHY won't Hedi Slimane come out of retirement!!! Until then I'm counting on nothing but vintage...

  21. I love fall fashion... and all the images you posted I loved. What I noticed and loved most was the hairstyle. The messy buns were inspiring!


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