Tuesday, August 24, 2010

♥ fall. in. love.

i am a huge DVF fan. to me, the woman can do no wrong:
whether it is the way that her wrap dresses fit the body to perfection,
or the bold prints and colors that she brazenly chooses to work with,
her transition into everything from luggage to jewelry to interiors and house wares,
and her endless anthropological work to empower and encourage women,
i have to say, I LOVE IT ALL.

it's no wonder that i am absolutely smitten with her fall 2010 collection.
taking as her theme the premise that she has set her life by,
" i always wanted to live a man's life in a woman's body," she sent
smokey eyed sirens marching down the catwalk with confident swagger.

skillfully blending masculine pant suits with feminine touches
such as sequin, pompoms, and flowers, dvf's fall line is the visual equivalent
of the very type of woman who should be wearing them.
i'm glad to see this fall that clothes don't (just) make the man.

8 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Oh, I'm a huuuge DVF fan, too! If only I could afford more of her lovely designs...

  2. Love love love DVF!!! :D I watched the City because of her! :)


  3. I can't stop looking at the sixth picture down of the woman on the couch. Her legs are unreal!

  4. That blue dress with the black lace? GORGEOUS!! Oh how that's just my style! :-)

  5. agreed! :D

    i love DVF. She`s so feminine and I haven`t seen a single piece of her work that I wouldn`t adore.


  6. Oh I love DVF too! I recently did a post on the collection and seriously had a difficult time narrowing down my selections. I want it all! I think it would be quite dangerous if you and I both went to the store on Newbury.

  7. I have a handful of DVF pieces and putting one on, even in my worst of days, makes me feel great about my outfit and myself. She makes amazing clothes. I'm scared to go into her Newbury St store, I'm sure I could do a lot of damage there.


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