Friday, August 20, 2010

♥ all that glitters.

using simple materials, brooklyn based artists julie ho & nicholas anderson
of confetti system create gorgeous, glittering, handmade party supplies
(like confetti filled pinatas, fringed blindfolds, and tassel garlands)
that will turn any space into a sparkling wonderland.

"as asian americans, we both grew up with celebrations,
like chinese new year, that involve alot of spectacle," anderson says.

teaming up with the likes of opening ceremony (above)
bergdorf goodman, and urban outfitters, this dreamy duo designs
larger than life, party– inspired installations that should remind us all
that every day is something worth celebrating.

go ahead, make your day more festive.
purchase here.

10 ♥ love notes.:

  1. You have a cute blog :)

  2. Oh wow!! I love these, so creative.:)SarahD

  3. So pretty! I might need one for my big 3.0. bday that is coming up this year.

    Yay, for another Boston blogger!

  4. WOW this looks amazing :)

    GREAT ideas

    Char x

  5. so pretty! I'm checking out their shop asap.

  6. i am in love with these!they look so great.x


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