Thursday, August 19, 2010

♥ i love fashion & fashion loves art.

my latest blogsession (blog obsession) is amateur couture.
a veritable feast for the eyes, this blog is a combination of two of my
most favorite things: fashion + art.

with a talented eye for line, color, and texture, amateur blogette,
m. fay expertly matches paintings with pumps, graphics prints with graffiti,
jewelry with jewel tones, in such a way that you will swear one work
inspired the other, when in reality they are unrelated!

i had a chance to speak with m. fay herself, and this is what she had to say:
"amateur couture has evolved to a blog that celebrates the connection between
art and fashion, often the in the most literal of senses.. i am inspired by COLOR..
of the combinations of patterns. i love art by chagall and picasso. i am inspired
by fashionistas with a true sense of style: bardot, edie, audrey, karen o.
inspiration is everywhere, you hust have to open your mind and your eyes to it."

when i asked about how she goes about pairing the art and fashion together,
m. fay adorably answered, "most of the time my matches are a treasure hunt. i save
images upon images of dresses and art that i find inspiring. when i go through
my library of favorites, i try to pair them up... with a little luck, it works!"

love, love, love!!

13 ♥ love notes.:

  1. These are so great!! I especially love the girl with pink hair painting... ! xx

  2. I love this post! Such a lively burst of colour!

  3. Sami-I love this post-so creative and fun!

  4. This is incredible! It's crazy how much these pieces are alike. And yes, my favorite is the girl with the pink hair, too.

  5. Oh wow! I think I'm in love with her also! Such great combos and the colors just make me happy all over.

  6. Thanks for the great find. I just added it to my Reader.

  7. Very cool find, indeed. I am beyond enamored with the universe tights. Actually, it's all gorgeous!

  8. It's fascinating to see where designers get their outside influences from. Wonderful post.


  9. I'm loving thi post! So colorful. xoxo

  10. This is so cool - I love how she takes in inspiration. I heard this quote once, "We have art to save ourselves from truth." This post reminded of it.

    xoxo, Ashley

  11. that's so interesting! thanks for sharing!!!!
    kiss from Greece!

  12. I WANT those tights. (Hi just stumbled upon your blog and love it). But seriously, where can I get me some of those tie die leggings!?


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