Friday, August 13, 2010

♥ life's a journey, not a destination.

this sunday, my bff, carolyn is embarking on an amazing european
adventure that will take her around the world and back again!! i am going to
miss her like crazy (she won't be back until september!!! ), but i am so looking
forward to hearing the many stories she will undoubtedly have to tell, and to
seeing gorgeous places like paris, rome, and ireland through her sparkling perspective.

while i am pretty sure that she has it her packing down to a science, i cannot
help but wonder what sort of advice i could offer for such a long trip that
requires one to bring only the essentials and avoid the "princess phenomenon,"
which as she explains, is when a girl brings way too much luggage
for her own damn good.

so, without any further ado, here are some packing tips i have picked up
from the interwebs.

1) check the weather report for where you're going.
2) bring layering pieces.
3) bring flat shoes.
4) bring cozy socks & a pashmina on the plane
5) save room for shopping.

1) use a packing list and check it twice!
2) wear layers and save space.
3) hand wash laundry.
4) buy stuff while you're there.
5) use packing cubes. they will keep it separated.
6) roll the large items of clothing and pack the rest.
7) use unique colored/patterned luggage so you can spot it easily.

1) include a splash of color. "paying attention to small details, like a scarf or a bracelet, allows you to mix up your looks and stretch your outfits out for several days."
2) carry a big handbag. after you've packed everything into your carry on, don't
forget a big handbag to hold all of your vitamins, books, etc.
3) mix it up. mix primary colors with patterns. "before you even start packing,
think of what you'll be doing on the trip. hang up your clothes and see how
you can combine them. then edit it down."
4) bring jersey. jersey knit clothing items can be dressed up or down, and are always comfy.

(packing tips from dvf via traveling fashionista)

a travel bag should include:
1) an oversized pocketbook for passports, tickets, as well as receipts, business cards, etc.
2) a hard calendar that you can write your schedule in.
3) a digital camera.
4) mints/ gum.
5) magazines, books, other reading materials.
6) antibacterial wipes and tissues.
7) neosporin for dabbing at the edge of your nostrils to prevent germs on flight!
8) a small mirror and cosmetic basics such as a mini lip gloss, mascara and concealer.

packing order:
1) start with shoes on the bottom. put them in sacks so they don't get scratched.
2) next will be jeans, folded in half.
3) then lay trousers, shirts, dresses, folded flat and with as little folds as possible.
4) lay delicate items with sequins pr beads on top, wrap in tissue or plastic if necessary.

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  1. What a great post - and might fine blog you have here!
    Enjoy your weekend,

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  3. Fab post dear! Packing light is hard!

  4. Sami, I love this post and i need all the help I can get with packing. For the amount of travel I do between work and vacations you would think I have packing mastered. But I don't! I hate packing because I don't have access to my entire closet. Oh well....
    Have a great weekend,

  5. Naina! I checked your blog to see if you had posted about packing- you have some fabulous tips there!

    I hate not being able to have my full closet either, which is always the problem. Plus i hate dressing casually, but it is so hard to pack fancy dresses up into a ball in your suitcase!

  6. Yay Sami! I enjoy the shout out to Carolyn ~ she will be very missed! Great tips... i'll tuck a few of those away too :)

  7. wow such a useful post! thanks for sharing x

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  8. thanks for the post! it's really helpful and i will be sure to follow some of your tips! please stop by my blog!

  9. Good tips - I always make a list of what I'm taking so I can narrow it down so I don't overpack! x

  10. Hey great tips and love your chosen images xoxo

  11. Oh gosh, even the thought of packing gives me palpitations. I truly getting dressed without my entire closet at my disposal. No matter how many lists I make or how much planning I do - I always end up wanting something I didn't bring with me. I tend to be the worlds worst overpacker, I'm going to need to refer back to these tips prior to my next trip!

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  13. omg. i can't believe i just stumbled upon this!! i am literally packing as we speak...ok, well i took a blog break but i will be back to packing momentarily! thanks for the tips!


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