Wednesday, August 25, 2010

♥ home is where i hang my hat.

lately, i have become completely obsessed with the idea of
vintage handkerchief style save the dates like these drool worthy darlings
(..hence the hankie) from lucky luxe couture correspondence.

i came upon these beauties from bird & banner and cannot get them
off my mind! i would not want blow my nose on them though,
no matter how sniffly i got.

(see more projects from this truly talented twosome here)

i would probably just end up framing them,
which seems like a far better fate for vintage handkerchiefs.

(1 & 2.)

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Those save the dates are great! If you are really thinking about doing this and want to DIY them, the Brimfield Antique show is coming up in early September (7-12 I think) where there are booths of old linens and you can get old hankies on the cheap!

  2. What an adorable idea! I love unique wedding invites and even unique weddings. I'm really not attracted to much of the cookie cutter stuff.

  3. i have always wanted to go to brimfield! any boston gals interested in going together?



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