Monday, August 30, 2010

♥ life is a song. sing it.

a few years ago, my cousin jaimee introduced me to the music of rilo kiley,
where i was re-introduced to the child actress turned lead singer, jenny lewis
(remember her in the wizard & troop beverly hills?)

i just love her long red hair, her vintage style and her sultry voice
that is both twangy and fluttery as a songbird.

after going solo, jenny has teamed up with her longtime boyfriend and
fellow musical collaborator, jonathan rice to put out a gorgeous album,
i'm having fun now due out this tuesday, august 31st.

their voices play off eachother well, their lyrics are punchy, and their
pitch is perfect. this album will have you soaking up the last bits of
summer, hand in hand with your soul mate.

love their old fashioned look and their matching jackets. so badass.

listen to their album in its entirety below, courtesy of npr!

8 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Hannah's all grown up! Actually, I knew this already, but I still can't get over the fact that she's the Troop Beverly Hills girl.

    xo Marissa
    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

  2. sami-will have to check this music out. I love her outfit with the shorts!

  3. I am OBSESSED with redheads (only girls though, looks a little strange on men). So jealous of her locks!

  4. Love the vintage style about these pics and the music sounds like it would be worth my while to give it a listen too. Happy Monday.

  5. I LOVE Jenny Lewis and I've been itching to buy her new album!! love the pictures...

  6. She has a great eclectic style. I'm always on the look-out for new music!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  7. Plus, how hot is that Dylan tee shirt? Seriously.

  8. Well hello music twin. I've been waiting for this album for so long. I love the single (Big Wave), and I can't wait to download the whole album - or stream it as the case may be. She's seriously as adorable as she is talented. Swooon...


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