Friday, March 26, 2010

♥ you can only perceive real beauty in a person as they grow older.

timothy always jokes that i am going to grow up to look like boston socialite & former fashion retailer, marilyn reisman, who if you are not familiar with is never seen without her signature full face of kabuki makeup and blunt black bob.

i have actually passed by her on more than one occasion at a number ofevents in the boston design center, and i have to say that living to a ripe old age of 80+ while maintaining my own sense of style like the inimitable ms. reisman seems like a pretty lucky fate to me!

when she was named one of boston's 25 most fashionable people in 2006, she described her style, "i like to have a total look. it has to all go together. it has to have the right proportions. it has to spell "you." it has to portray indepdenence and individuality and that i'm not a follower. no one's ever accused me of being a follower." she is certainly a woman after my own heart.

on a similar note, the new york times magazine recently featured advanced style,
a blog completely devoted to the personal style of new york's most stylish and creative elders.
according to blogger, ari cohen, "my eyes have always been drawn to older people and from a style point of view, i find them more interesting because they are of an age where they don't
have to impress anyone and can wear what they want." now that is a perspective i can get behind!

what i have learned so far in my twenty six years,
(and what i have heard repeated many times on movies and in boooks)
is that who we are as children is the same as who we are as adults,
so develop your personal style now, my darling readers,
it is something that no amount of time can take away from you.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the Advanced Style blog... AMAZING! I want to know if these women have dressed this way their entire lives, or if something clicked when they got older and they decided to stop trying to please others and just dress the way they want.

  2. hey girl! the advanced style blog is fab and actually has alot of interviews with the people, so i am pretty sure they have always had incredible style. once fabulous, always fabulous is what i say.


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