Wednesday, March 24, 2010

♥ just a little green, like the color when the spring is born.

my friend just got back from a trip to ireland and of course
i asked her the typical questions like, "was it so green there?"
but then i stopped myself and wondered why it is that we would
choose to live somewhere that was so not green?

similarly, when i was in el salvador, i found myself marvelling at the
natural beauty and the lush surroundings that i found myself in.
everywhere i turned an even more beautiful photo opportunity presented itself.
flowers blossomed in every possible color, trees laughed with shaking leaves,
and life affirmed itself with each new bloom.

since i will probably not be leaving the city any time soon,
it may be time to add a little green to my apartment
in the form of a tiny terrarium.

here are some of my favorites:

ps. i am kinda obsessed with these terrarium inspired accesories
from woodland belle on etsy. they are like spring in a jar.

1 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I remember making a terrarium in school! These ones are much more stylish, I would love to make one again in a better container than a plastic fish bowl :)


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