Wednesday, March 17, 2010

♥ beauty is important. it is an inheritance. one cannot ignore it.

my other bestfriend (i have two!) just moved into her very own apartment
and has been decorating up a storm to make her space feel more like home.

two of the major pieces in her apartment that i am completely smitten with
are a gorgeous gold mirror and a big wooden hope chest,
both, which she inherited from her grandmother.

not only are these pieces charming and interesting in their own right,
but they are also full of family history that gives them added weight and meaning.

for those of us who have yet to inherit any fabulous family heirlooms,
now is a perfect time to pay a visit to the providence antique store, heir.

part art gallery, part antiques shop, part interior design service,
heir antiques offers an extremely well edited extravaganza
of unique furnishings, paintings and pieces
that will blow your modern mind!

here are some of my favorite pieces:
in these interior design images you can see
the various pieces displayed in a real life context.
i just love the designer's aesthetic and his irreverent
mixture of new and old.

owner and principle designer, tyler doran is the mastermind
behind this scrumptious array of authentic antiques.
moving from LA, where he spent four years working in a gallery,
tyler and his husband mark moved to providence to set up shop
way off the beaten track, (on eddy street, to be exact) in september 2008.

two years have passed and despite a global economic crisis that
has caused handfuls of hopeful new shops to close their shutters,
heir antiques is still going strong, doing a large amount
of it's business with customers all over the world
on, as the only rhode island dealer!

and this saturday, march 20th, they will be moving to a fabulous,
brand new location in the heart of downtown providence!

if you are in the area, definitely stop in between 5 and 11pm
and enjoy music from a live dj, booze and surprises :)

be tHEIR or be sqaure.

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I love this. Is the title a quotation you made up, or is it from something else? Very beautiful. xx

  2. thank you, lacey! all of my titles are usually quotes. this one comes from my favorite author, virginia woolf. it is from her book, jacob's room! she is fabulous! definitely read "to the lighthouse" or "mrs. dalloway" if you want to get a better feel for the beautiful majesty that is her writing.

  3. Thank you, Sami! This post made my heart smile:) xo


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