Friday, March 12, 2010

♥ flower power.

if i could make a dress out of a piece of art, the collage work of artist john murphy would most certainly be at the tippety top of my list.

made lovingly with a mixture of real life flower photos and 19th century etchings, these collages succinctly blur the lines between encyclopedia-style black and white fact and vibrant floral fantasy.

regarding his ingenious pieces, mr. murphy claims,

"like all of my work the imagery merges vintage and modern sensibilities, exploring ideas of beauty and fantasy within the decorative arts."

these simply beautiful works are printed with archival ink on acid free paper, and are available unframed for under $100.

thoughtful, quirky one of a kind art that doesn't break the bank?

there is nothing more beautiful than that.

and if you think that these are impressive,
check out his photography.
it's beyond fabulous!

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