Thursday, March 25, 2010

♥ i always believed that paradise would be some kind of library.

what is my favorite scene in disney's beauty & the beast, you ask?

why, it is the scene where the beast bestows one of the most
amazing gift upon the bright eyed belle: his entire library.
{ jealous!! }

although i do agree that one should never judge a book by its cover,
i also believe that it is ok to judge a person by the number and
breadth of books that they have in their library.

my apartment is literally littered with literature;
configurations of books are stacked everywhere serving
both utilitarian and decorative purposes.

here are some libraries that i think would easily rival the beast's:

if this were my bedroom, i would never leave. source.
books in the rafters. what a grand use of small space. source.

books in the fireplace. so farenheit 451. source.

also, love the vertical book stacks, source.
which are held together with the help of a sapien bookcase.

love this glamorous book display. source.

i believe that book shelves should double as mini art installations. source.

or be completely over the top like this

sooo inspired by this anthropologie store display.
i totally might nail a few novels to my ceiling tonight...
i love this genius stack chair, although i feel that
its more about the concept and less about comfort.

this trompe l'oeil style stacked paperback wallpaper
and genuine fake bookshelf from artist, deborah bowness
are my own personal brand of eye candy!!
if only they were scratch and sniff...

which is why i must have:

made for those of us who agree that there is nothing more
wonderful than the scent of a much loved book.

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. :) :) :) hooray for books :) thank you!

  2. super duper huge hooray for books! LOVE all the different ways people stack their books. great post!!

  3. Next time I go to Anthropologie I will have to pay more attention to the ceiling! That is cool!


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