Thursday, March 18, 2010

♥ pattern recognition.

when i first made the switch from working in fashion to interior design sales,
one of the toughest concepts for me to grasp was the fact that one room
could easily showcase multiple patterns that worked harmoniously together.

although i consider myself a rather adventurous dresser,
something i have not dared to do enough is to mix up my look by wearing
a variety of patterns, prints and textures all at once.

it is for this reason alone that i am absolutely wild about
and completely inspired by the eclectic yet elegant looks in the
"seeing is believing" spread shot by max farago in the
march issue of elle magazine.

i am in love. let me count the ways...

the prints in these pages are funky and bold; they don't take themselves too seriously.
pale neutrals are held in sharp contract with bright multi colored patterns.

large scale mixes with small scale mixes with medium scale.
nothing matches, but for some reason it still works.

hats, turbans, chunky necklaces and bangles are piled on haphazardly.

lipstick is obscenely bright, but stands out amidst a bare face.

geometric clutches add interest to an already interesting look.

no accessory complements an outfit full of unmatched prints
better than confidence.

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  1. I'm afraid to mix patterns too, these pictures make it look so easy!


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