Monday, March 29, 2010

♥ it's old hat.

trends come and go and then come back again, but one big trend that i have yet to see a real revival of in my lifetime is hat wearing.

there used to be a day when leaving the house without a pair of gloves and a proper hat was considered to be inappropriate dress, and though i am pretty sure that society will never be that conservative again, i do hope that in the future, people will once again want to add a touch of glamour to an everyday ensemble by capping off their look with a fabulous cap.

one thing that i should say about hat wearing is that it is a true commitment. you should know that just like deciding to put your hair in a pony tail first thing in the morning, once you commit to wearing a hat for the day, you should be prepared to keep it on all day long or risk the tragedy of having hat hair in public.

i once had a nearly devastating experience with my boyfriend one night at a russian restaurant. angry because i wanted italian food instead, i used my floppy straw hat (which did not alot for any peripheral vision whatsoever) to my advantage, refusing to turn my head and look him straight in the eye mid fight. he then made the fatal mistake of pulling my hat off my head so that we could face eachother, which just added insult to injury! needless to say, we both learned our lessons that night: i will try to expand my dining horizons and he will keep his hands off my hat.

but i digress....

milliner eugenia kim, whose hats are sold at $200+ in high end stores from barney's to saks to bloomies and beyond will be launching hat collection for target on april 18th and i am waiting with baited breath. as you can see from the sneak peak {above}, this exclusive collection has an old cuban inspired look that has me wishing it were summertime right now.

according to ms. kim's recent interview with fast company, "everyone can wear a hat. you just have to find the right one." check out her website, where you will undoubtedly find a topper to suit your look– here are some of my favorites:

they say to get ahead and get noticed, to get a hat.

i could not agree more.

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