Thursday, March 11, 2010

♥ write your name across my heart.

the other day my boyfriend sweetly suggested
that we get matching tattoos that said the same thing
(our pet name for each other) somewhere on our bodies.
and though the idea of sharing something so permanent
with the love of my life sounds totally amazing, i am still not sure that
this singular word is what i would want tattooed on my body forever.

in lieu of this thought, i want to present you with another
fantastic tattoo tumblr, fuck yeah, girly tattoos
which is rife with pretty + literary body art.

love all of these:

ps. i also finally got a chance to take a picture of my little sister,
jennie's tattoo, which actually just started out as the word "love"
on the side of her body and then blossomed into a beautiful lotus.
if only i were as cool as she is!

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