Tuesday, March 16, 2010

♥ sparkle every day.

on rainy, endlessly gloomy days such as these,
the darkness and dreariness of the world can sneak up on you,
resting heavily upon your shoulders, letting despair eek in
and make that light at the end of the tunnel
seem so very dim.

this post, dedicated to my mother's favorite motto, "sparkle every day"
is a reminder that sometimes, even in dark times,
you have got to dust your shoulders off and learn
how to make your own light.

in this fabulous bazaar article,"sequins at breakfast,"
anamaria wilson discusses the recent trend of women wearing
sparkly cocktail dresses and skirts typically associated with evening wear
during the day time, making the point that the modern woman's wardrobe
is no longer separated into day and night attire, but is rather a
smorgasbord of pieces that can transition seamlessly
from one place and one time of day to the next.

one of the secrets of wearing sparkles during the day
is to tone them down with a piece of clothing from the complete
opposite end of the spectrum.

try pairing a sequin dress or skirt with
a blazers, plain cardigan or cotton button down shirts
or a putting on a bejeweled tank top with a pair of ripped jeans.

here are some fabulous examples:

..or add a glimmer of glamour to any look
by adding an over the top accessory
like these:

according to newbie designer, prabal gurung,
" because of the recession and the gloominess all this sparkle is uplifting,"
i couldn't have said it better myself.

go ahead, glow.

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