Wednesday, March 31, 2010

♥ a wedge issue.

it has been years since i have worn a pair of wedges, and i believe that this year it is time to put an end to this self induced act of self deprivation.

"why would i give up wedge sandals and shoes?" you might ask.
"they are so much more comfortable to walk in than heels," you might say.
"they add height but the sloping effect makes your foot look smaller," you may add.
and to each of these comments, i would have to nod my head in agreement, but play the one card that trumps all of these statements: and that is, the boyfriend card. he hates them!

he says they make women look trashy and inordinately tall. and for the longest time, i have sort of agreed, but with the recent resurgence of fabulous wedges in every color, size, shape, not to mention the fact that they are now toeless, and strappy and studded, and still so much easier to walk in (on cobblestones especially) i have to agree with r. kelly when he says,
"my mind is telling me no. but my body, my body's telling me yes," because this spring, everything in my being is saying yes to wedges.


do you ever choose to wear something even after people (whose opinion is important to you)
tell you that they don't like it? is it more important for you to feel true to yourself or for you to feel like you look good to your significant other?

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