Monday, November 16, 2009

♥ walk, walk fashion baby.

it's about the performance,
the attitude, the look;
it's everything.
lady gaga

{images via we heart it.}

just when i thought that i was far too old to fall for
the contagious, candy.coated crooning of
another guilty pleasure pop singer–
along comes lady gaga's phenomenally fashionable
new video for her latest single,
"bad romance."

i freaking love it.

oh holy god of all things stylish:
the outfits...the outfits!
i can't get enough of the glitter. the glasses.
those impossibly high shoes. the mysterious masked men.
the hairless hissing cat. the body suits. the vodka.
the super models. the wigs. the crowns. the claws. the pyrotechnics.
i die.

sunglasses from haus of gaga, dress by alexander mcqueen.

costume from haus of gaga.

dress by alexander mcqueen, crown by haus of gaga.

trench coat by vava dudu.

diamond outfit by franc fernandez.

mask by keko hainswheeler, crystal rosaries by benjamin cho.

lobster claw shoes and outfit by alexander mcqueen.

faux fur coat by benjamin cho.

sunglasses by carrera. (buy here!)

metal bra by haus of gaga, shoes by alexander mcqueen.

i must admit, i have not paid as much attention to
lady gaga as her fame and celebrity demands.
i thought at first that she was alot of smoke and mirrors
with little substance to back up her ostentatious style,
...but i was completely wrong!

lady gaga is a true performer in every sense of the word.
this girl eat, sleeps and breathes art, music and fashion.
she taught herself piano by ear at age 4, wrote her first song at 13,
moved out on her own at 19 and began performing
burlesque–style shows in ny nightclubs while
penning songs for the pussy cat dolls before
literally clawing her way to the top with
song after chart–topping song.

she works with a team of avante garde loving stylists,
known as the "haus of gaga" to create each radicially individual look,
which often involves painting her body, covering her eyes with lace and
masks, wearing a variety of wigs and hats,
contorting her body into stange shaped body suits,
wearing neck braces, splattering herself with fake blood,
and forcing her feet into twelve inch heels!

now, thats a woman who fully ascribes to the old saying,
"that's the price you pay for beauty,!"
although in lady gaga's case, i believe
that is the price you pay for fame!

i can't wait to see her starring as the wicked, marc jacobs.wearing witch
in this hanesel & gretel-inspired spread from the december issue of vogue,
shot by annie leibovitz and styled by grace coddington.

what i love most about about lady gaga is that she is not afraid to
think outside of the box and she is not afraid of being seen
as different or weird or even ugly because she knows
that what matters most is the performance,
not striking the perfectly prescribed pose,
but creating art that is dynamic and
beautifully imperfect.

she truly is changing the world
one sequin at a time.
i can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. i love her. such a fun post. that faux bear rug coat is amazing. it's been a while since we've had a female pop star taking such risks with fashion (maybe not since 80s madonna?).

  2. Talk about a woman in power! I agree with Mr. Jeffrey, this reminds me about the discussion we had about Madonna and the control she had. Gaga is bringing back that female dominance!


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