Wednesday, November 11, 2009

♥ it ain't the money or the diamond rings.

honey, i ain't impressed with those material things.
it's just the way that you love me.
paula abdul

my sister lissy wears very little jewelry, but one accessory
that she can always be counted on wearing is her promise ring.

unlike traditional pre.engagement rings, lissy's ring(s)
come from gum ball machines, souvenir shops and arcades.
they never cost more than a few dollars at most,
and often become mis.shapen or rusty over time.
but the sentiment behind each new ring remains the same.

lissy says that she does not want her boyfriend spending any
money on jewelry for her unless it's her future diamond,
and i think that is a very lovely justification!

if she makes it to the next promise ring,
i may suggest that she upgrade to these fabulous

according to designer, alissaa melka teichroew,
the diamond ring collection by AMT is a playful spin on the
tiffany setting engagement ring, which is often revered as a
"design classic, symbol of marital bliss, and emblem of our
status–obsessed culture."

here's a fun spin on the four c's of diamonds:
these rings are clear. chic. cheeky. & cheap.
or maybe lissy could get this cute set of seven stainless steel rings
so that she could have a different one each day?

would you wear them or use them to decorate? i can't decide!

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Ooh! I think I need an upgrade sis! Those acrylic rings are adorable!

  2. Nice post! I have enjoyed a lot of time here. You doing very well job. Keep it up.


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