Friday, November 13, 2009

♥ happy, jolly, yummy time of the year.

i know, i know, it's barely mid november and here i am posting about christmas.
what can i say? i am a vegetarian, so thanksgiving is pretty much a wash.
i guess it's genetic because as of today, my mom already has two
count them: two: christmas trees up at my family's house.
{ fyi: she usually puts up four each season! not normal! }

isn't this gold bow ring by kate spade just darling??
(i am smitten with the bourgeois bow triple strand necklace here too.)
the mere sight of it fills me with the giddy splendor and warm feelings
that only christmas time can bring.

in a christmas carol, charles dickens' loveable grouch, scrooge, proclaims,
"i will honor christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year."

perhaps i will take a page out of his book and buy this ring to keep as a daily
reminder that christmas is not just a specific time at the end of the year
when people start caring more, giving more, and loving more––
but rather, it is a state of mind, of happiness, grace and goodwill
that should be celebrated
the whole year through.

happy celebrating.

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