Tuesday, November 10, 2009

♥ the missing link.

images via style.com

what do all of these images
of my most favorite designer,
have in common?

i will give you one
big GILDED guess:

this chunky chain bracelet, designed by diane herself
and inscribed with some of her favorite words like
love, abundance, harmony, and creativity
is just about one of the boldest, chicest, most
classic looking accessories i have ever seen,
and if i had a few extra thousand dollars
kicking around in my rainy day fund,
i would definitely make an
investment purchase
as soon as possibly

even michael kors,
the king of classic american dressing
chose to bedeck his models in
oversized chain necklaces for
it's the ultimate accessory,
with enough weight to
carry any outfit.

you can therefore
imagine the sheer and utter happiness
i had when i happened across these
piggy bank friendly pieces
from kenneth jay lane.
while they may be sold at
a fraction of the cost,
they are no less beautiful.

but if those prices are still a little too much for an excessory,
then try this handsome estate link bracelet by jcrew.
at $58, you can't afford to leave this missing link
from your future wardrobe!

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