Tuesday, November 24, 2009

♥ legs for days.

one item that every woman must have lined up
in her arsenal of clothing is a pair of nude shoes.
{as you can tell from the photos, i never leave home without them!}

nude shoes fit inconspicuously into any outfit,
eliminating the unnecessary aggravation of finding a "perfect match."
have you ever struggled to figure out what you will wear with
that red dress? that navy blue skirt? that coral top?
well, look no further past your own two feet.

not only does a pair of nude shoes provide you with endless.
unforeseen. outfit opportunities, but it is also provides those of you
who may be considered "vertically challenged" (ie. short)
with the possibility of having legs for days.

the nude shoe literally gives a girl a "leg up,"
adding a extra few inches of height that are often
so crucial in creating an overall effect.

if you don't have a pair yet,
do your wardrobe and your legs a favor:

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