Monday, November 2, 2009

♥ don't let the dress trick you.

there are two types of girls that
i always find myself wishing i were.

you know who they are:

the first is that classic looking girl with the perfect hair
and the perfectly crisp bag, the perfectly placed bangles,
the perfectly tailored pants, and just the right amount
of layers for travel, work or day to night time wearing.
she is audrey hepburn, she is statuesque, and she looks
like what a grown woman should look like.

the second girl is the complete opposite, but with a look
that is equally enviable. her hair is a messy, wavy rat'st nest,
her nail polish is chipped, she's wearing two different patterns
and her accessories are askew. she's kate moss, she's a hot mess
and she appears not to give a damn about her appearance,
or what anyone else thinks about it for that matter.

she is also japanese songstress, kazu makino,
who performs with twin brothers, simone and amadeo pace
in the indie band, blonde redhead.

image found here.

vintage dresses made out of delicate fabrics, knee socks,
hair flowing in long loose waves with hardly any makeup:
these are the things kazu makino are made of.

what makes her style and stage presence
unique is that it all appears effortless,
which is always the mark of
a truly good dresser.

image via flickr.

image via

image found here.

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of the more clothing she could be wearing, kazu has said;
"i know they're beautiful, but i don't really want to wear big names.
i suppose because my heart doesn't really reflect them."

(i am sure glad her heart reflects this jean paul gaultier top
that she wore for her feature in new york times magazine!)

even her apartment reflects that same laid back nonchalance,
everything looks antique, worn in and more importantly:
lived in. love her!

images from february 2007 issue of domino
via lola is beauty

watch fashion in action here:

and listen here:

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