Monday, November 30, 2009

♥ art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.

my cousin and i recently spent a lovely day at the museum of fine arts.
it was one of those rare days where we didn't need to be anywhere in particular,
so we took the time to wander around and get lost in the beautiful world of art.

i was particularly moved by this gorgeous. yet disturbing. mural
by artist, kara walker.

working mainly with black and white paper silhouettes,
kara walker delicately carves out fantastical and provocative
images that are at once familiar yet not.

her works represent a history that never took place.
a gone with the wind gone terribly awry, where you
"want to be the heroine and kill her at the same time."

if good art is made to inspire feelings of tension and
discomfort in the viewer, then kara walker's art is great:

her work is so great, that i would venture a guess that
after seeing kara walker's installation in glamour magazine's
70th anniversary glamour project, (february 2009)
jason wu may have been inspired to use a certain
kara walker style fabric in his fall 2009 collection.

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