Thursday, November 5, 2009

♥ i would like to see the pope wearing my t.shirt. ~madonna

images from the sartorialist

i am not usually a jeans and a t-shirt sort of a girl,
but there does seem to be a pretty good
crop of tops popping up
all over the place
which might
make me
all the
i wear.


here are some fabulous t.shirt finds,
so cute that i could convert:

i've been searching for a heart of gold,
and now i have found one right here on this ysl tee

this juicy tiger print top might just
bring out your inner animal.

love this house of holland naomi campbell quote tee
which says; "i was just caught up in my job and
flying around the world and wanting to be fabulous."

or this claudia schiffer tee, which says,

" i've looked in the mirror every day for 20 years. it's the same face."

oversized tops are back!
pair them with leggings or harem pants and go!

fendi's bow printed t-shirt is adorable
and very reminiscent of elsa schiaparelli

love the andre leon talley magenta top,
the f*ck the recession and save anna t's

i love t-shirts which
employ tromp l'oiel necklaces and bows
like this beauty from moschino chic & cheap.

and while, yes, it may be nice to brag that you
are wearing a marc jacobs or lanvin tee-
you may not want to invest $100-$300 in a t-shirt.
for those who would like to expand their wardrobe
without over-extending their wallet,
there are also loads of affordable and equally adorable
t-shirts at stores like forever 21!

here are some of my findings:

at $13 you can't fight the tiger.

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