Tuesday, November 17, 2009

♥ painting is just another way of keeping a diary.

i am loving these paintings, prints and works on paper by
brooklyn based artist, bella foster.

these color.wonderful watercolor works consist
of gorgeous flower bunches, haphazard interiors,
playfully pretty portraits and charming cats–
ordinary things that are rendered extraordinary by
bella's talented hand and unabashed use of color.

here are some of my favorite pieces from her website,
which really make me want to see the world through
bella.colored glasses:

for more, read bella's blog, here there and them

her work is so special, in fact, that it has captured the heart of the
design director at kate spade, who commissioned bella to
illustrate their 2010 calendar as well as a the excellently
exposed "x –ray bag & cosmetics case" for their
latest artist collaborations.

i had the opportunity to ask bella were she finds inspiration for her
beautiful pieces, and she said that it is found in many places,
particularly in contemporary artists like
karen kilimnik (featured below:)

(featured below)

...and what internet attraction has her attention as of late?
that would the illustrated fashion blog of jean philippe delholmme,
also known as the unknown hipster, which has her cracking up each day with
"it's subtle and seriously funny parody of NYC art and fashion worlds."

in a world where fashion blogs chock full of fashionable figures
heading towards the next runway show, the unknown hipster,
with its variety of mixed media illustrations, is a breath of fresh air.
here are some of my favorite fashion images from this
french born artist's playful perspective.
garance dore and scott schuman of the sartorialist
karl lagerfeld and thom brown
marc jacobs and stella mccartney
i think i agree with bella...
inspiration really is all around.
you just have to remember to look.

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