Thursday, February 28, 2013

♥ whatever you do, do it with gust-o.

the last time i curled my hair was my senior prom. i did it myself. 
and there may or may not have been tiny pink roses twined throughout
my blonde, yes, blonde, chinese head. ok, there was- but it was
only to match the roses on the back of the dress, duh!

since then, i have stayed away from the curling iron and this has led to the false assumption
that my fine asian hair will not hold a curl- until i was proven wrong tonight at my new
 favorite blow dry bar, gust-o, on newbury street in boston.

the lovelies at gust-o welcomed me in from the cold, wet street with open arms,
hot coffee, and a warm blow dryer. since i have very little hair to work with
(again!!!) i asked for something different- and that's exactly what i got!

i love the volume and the sassiness that they gave me- and i pray that
the rain and my pillow don't render me curl-less tomorrow morning-
we shall see!

 the atmosphere was fun and relaxed and the service was equally fabulous ;)
there are a handful of blow-out options and each of the bloggers who got
their hair done tonight had a prettier look than the last!

i would definitely recommend gust-o for your next hair-raising experience ;)

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Ooh love this! I've been investigating blow dry bars in the city to get my hair done for my wedding (meeeeeeeeeeep) so I'm definitely putting this at the top of my list!

  2. Omgg such a big change! Where did you get such bravery? I'm jealous, lol I can barely mustard up the courage to cut my hair for bangs :)
    Semirah from


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