Wednesday, February 27, 2013

♥ the ability to make fun of oneself is a sign of great intellect.

i love being a blogger- but there are many occasions when i find myself completely frustrated
and totally unsatisfied with the way things are- in social media and real life as well.

when browsing through many of the so-called popular blogs or scanning through pinterest,
i often find that while there may be hundred & thousands of individual voices contributing
their thoughts and interests to the internet, daily- the singular type of girl we are all aspiring
to be is all the SAME damn type of girl ALL of the time. why???

do we all have to love anything and everything french?
  (even if we're not french?)
do we all have to want our initials plastered all over everything,
 especially if that something is chevron printed?
do we all have to love alexa chung's laid back style?
i mean, she's cute, but isn't there anyone else we can emulate??
or drink coffee and post pictures of said coffee every time we drink it?
doesn't it get cold while you spend all that time taking the picture?

is this a joke?
where's the individuality?

when i watched fashion film, a very short movie by matthew frost,
starring lizzy caplan (best known for her role as janice ian in mean girls!)
i laughed out loud at all of the truly ridiculous parodies that are made throughout.
  and while refinery 29 seems to think that miss lizzy is not playing a stereotype in
this short film (she totally is, by the way) but a trendsetter- artfully modeling
pretty pieces from vena cava's new diffusion line, viva vena!- i prefer to
laugh in the face of blogging, and march to the beat of my own drum.

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. this video is absolutely amazing!!! thank you for sharing it. and i love lizzy caplan, she's the best.


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