Thursday, February 21, 2013

♥ every woman wants to be glamorous and rock 'n' roll.

it has been a few years since i have fallen head over heels in love
with one of my favorite designer- diane von furstenberg's- runway shows.
like, really in love.

yes, i am quite capable of loving everything she puts her name on, but over the past
few years, she has turned away from the feminine, curve-hugging pieces that i originally
adored her for and replaced them with boxy/color-blocked/non-wrap dresses that are not
 exactly my cup of tea. 

BUT her latest fall 2013 collection, aptly called "glam rock" was smashing. 
very seventies, very feminine, very print-heavy. very old DVF. 
heart palpitations abound.

and why this sudden fabulous transformation? 
creative director yvan mispelaere has left the company.
(on good terms, i hear. to pursue other projects, no doubt.)

so now, darling diane will resume her throne. alone and amazing.
and what a better way to ring in the new with a look back at the old?

welcome back, lady!

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I feel like her prints and colors were just so much more wearable in this show, and I'm loving it. Those last three looks are to die for!

  2. Love those patterns and the bodysuits (is that the right word? I'm having a brainfart) surprisingly.

  3. Adore the cobalt dress and it's true, every girl does want to be glamorous and rock 'n' roll!!


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