Friday, February 15, 2013

♥ treasure.

 now that i am an aunt, i care about children's things that i never
would have given a second thought before. things like the show, 
yo gabba gabba, which is amazing and actually
has nick and i excited to be parents someday.

one of our favorite episodes is "treasure," which includes amazing guest
performances by comedians, fred armisen and charlyne yi and musical numbers,
 like this song by blitzen trapper, appropriately named, "treasure."

in the song, the band addresses the idea of treasure, reminding the audience
that "it doesn't have to be silver or gold-it can be something new or old."

it's funny to think about the things you treasure and why,
i am glad i had a children's show remind me of the things
that i hold dear. here are some of my treasures:

a bookmark from my beloved gram gram which says, "life is a gift. celebrate the moment."
and also has her gorgeous handwriting on the back. i miss her, but her handwriting is so
vital- when i see it, i feel she is still of this earth.

talula- my fur baby.

my never ending piles of books and growing gallery wall of artwork,
most of which comes from friends and family.

giada mei-the cutest niece in all the world.

what are your treasures?

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