Wednesday, February 13, 2013

♥ love & locket.

tonight, nick and i are going to the red lion inn for a
 more relaxed pre-valentine's day celebration.

as nick puts it, "we are putting our love before everyone else's,"
but i just like any excuse to return to the place where
 we said yes to love forever
 and ever.

on the day of the wedding, i wore this great oversized locket that my 
sisters and mama put together with a picture of our big smiling faces in it.

i still wear it whenever my ensemble calls for a long necklace-
(i love peeking inside at nick's handsome face :) but it got me thinking
 about lockets in general and how perfect they are for 
occasions such as valentine's day, and every day
after, for that matter.

here are some of my favorites:

how gorgeous is this simple heart locket from tiffany's? love!

this wish upon a star locket has me seeing stars!

and could this e.e cummings-inspired locket be any more perfect??

did you also know that bhldn offers a charming collection of
once-loved lockets? obsessed.

and for all my anti-valentine's day lovelies (ahem, najeema!)
 how amazing is this "f*&% off" anti-valentine locket?

i think i need ALL of them.

5 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Have a wonderful early VDay dinner! That locket it beyond gorgeous and I wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog via the SITS sharefest :)

  2. That e.e. cummings one is perfect. Enjoy your pre-Valentine's Day fun together :)

  3. Yeah, that last one is pretty much made for me. Dumb ole' Valentine's Day.

  4. I love the Fuck Off pendant!! Great post as usual :)

  5. thanks guys! because i think your post is super great (not just because my shop is featured on it, OBVIOUSLY) .... if you want to snag that necklace, i'll give you 20% off...just use the code CUSTOMHEARTS when you check out on the etsy

    pumpkinseed (i even make lockets with non-swear words. but also swear words.)


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