Friday, July 16, 2010

♥ love & marriage.

long before branjelina and all of those other mutant relationships,
two cuban born – new jersey bred teenagers met in spanish class and fell in love.
isabel and ruben toledo are what i would consider the ultimate power couple.

she designs gorgeous, innovative clothing under her own name
(you may recall mrs. obama's day dress & coat to the presidential inauguration)
and he is a set designer, film maker and most notably a fashion
illustrator (you may have seen his work for nordstrom, nina garcia and penguin).

they share a fabulous new york loft (see more) where their business and their
domestic life occupy four floors including the pent house, and to which they
refer to their unusual decor and ecclectic style as a "crazy quilt of found objects."

they have been photographed side by side, by karl lagerfeld (above),
they have received lifetime achievement awards and honorary doctorates,
had books written about their marriage, and exhibitions in their honor.

most recently, they have paired up for a project in honor of the opening
of a new target store in east harlem on july 25th. 5% of the proceeds from their
inexpensive beachwear collection will go to el museo del barrio,
a harlem non profit. (they will be available online and at other stores on august 1st!)

here's a little sneak peak of beach towels and swim suits:
can't wait!!!

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