Tuesday, July 20, 2010

♥ creativity is more than just being different.

anybody can plan weird; that's easy.
what's hard is to be as simple as bach.
making the simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.
charles mingus

miranda july would have to be, without a doubt, one of the weirdest
artists/filmakers/performers/ writers i can think of, but also,
undoubtedly, one of the most creative.

in everything from her film me, you and everyone we know(2005)
to her compilation of short stories, no one belongs here more than you,
miranda july turns the simple happenstances of everyday existence into
something brilliant. and where you would think that there are no words
for some of your strangest, most personal inner dialogue, you will
find that ms. july has somehow managed to write them down
and make it look easy.

just look at these fabulous pillowcases.
and check out this photo series that she did for vice magazine
where she dressed herself as the background characters in a handful
of famous films. genius and hilarious.


recently, she created an art installation in new york's union square called
"eleven heavy things," which made its debut at the venice biennale,
but is now in new york until october 3rd 2010! it is basically made up of
heavu gray sculptures with text handwritten by july herself.

her philosophy behind it was that if there are sculptures in a garden,
people will inevitably want to pose with them, and if they want to pose,
they will want someone to photograph them, and so in some inadvertant way,
her artwork will go further and live longer.

ps. last year, when i was writing about blonde redhead,
i came upon this strange video of miranda striking one pose a second.
you might find yourself shaking your head and asking, "why?"
but also, at the same time, you may ask yourself, "why not?"

pps. you may also be interested in some of her other projects,
such as learning to love you more, which has become an exhibition and a book
where she propositions artists to do a number of assignments that range
from taking a picture of strangers holding hands to taking a flash picture
of underneath your bed. in this interview, miranda refers to her art
as "half nauseous, half beautiful," and also makes the assertion,
"what i like is the more complicated, messed up truth, the one
that is so imperfect, you know its true."

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  1. re-igniting that curiously self-assertive sense of childishness back into our everyday lives...


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