Wednesday, July 21, 2010

♥ the "IT" factor.

if you ever wonder where i get inspiration for the posts i write on this blog,
i must tell you that most of the time i have no idea what i will write for you,
and honestly approach each day with a sort of imaginary butterfly net,
waiting to cast it upon even the slightest flicker of glamour.

this morning, my inspiration arrived promptly in my email box in the form
of my daily horoscope. (yes, i believe in horoscopes.) it read:

"your mood today is somewhat unsettled, samantha, probably from
temporary feelings of futility. oddly enough, it does confer upon you
a unique sort of glamour, akin to the "IT" quality once associated
with clara bow! play it up, samantha. be mysterious!
it will be a boost for your self image when strange men suddenly
notice you on the street, and ease your sense of hopelessness,
so make the most of it!"

basically most of that was alot of hewy, but the part that struck me
was the part about clara bow: the original "IT girl."

in every magazine and every tv show today, we are constantly bombarded with "it."
the "it bag," the "it couple," the "it hairstyle," we hear "it" so often,
and in our constant pursuit of the elusive "it," we never stop to question
where that term even came from.

well, the term "it girl" entered our cultural lexicon in the 1920's with the release
of the black and white silent film, it(1927), starring the wide eyed beauty,
clara bow. this film is actually an adaptation of a story that was originally
published in installments for cosmopolitan magazine by english
romance novelist/ screen writer, elinor glyn called
"the man and the moment," (read it here!)

elinor glyn herself bestowed the label, "IT girl" upon actress clara bow,
using the term "IT" specifically as another word for sex appeal.
here is her full description:

"IT is that quality posessed by some which draws all others with its
magnetic force. with IT you win all men if you are a woman,
all women if you are a man. IT can be a quality of mind as well as a
physical attraction. Self confidence and indifference whether
you are pleasing or not, and something in you that gives the
impression that you are not at all cold. that's IT."

things to ponder:
what do you think IT is? and does IT still mean the same thing today?
can IT be turned on, as my horoscope suggests, or is it like that old saying,
"you either got IT or you don't?"

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