Wednesday, July 14, 2010

♥ foxy.

nick and i are huge wes anderson film lovers,
so it should come as no surprise that we were quite smitten
with his fabulous stop motion animated film adaptation
of roald dahl's children's classic, fantastic mr. fox (2009).

it should also not come as much of a surprise that i should find
fashion inspiration in a character as unlikely as mrs. fox.
i just love her tiny fox cameo pin that she wears throughout the
entire movie, and when i saw something similar offered in a necklace
and artwork version on the esty shop super duper things
i just had to share:

handcut hare silhouette necklace, leather stag silhouette, mini hair silhouette

another fabulous feature of fantastic mrs. fox's fashion (say that 10x fast!)
is that her dress comes with a built in apron.

while nick and i were watching the movie the other day he actually suggested
that i try to find a dress with the same feature so that i can carry all
of my things around with me, which reminded me of our friend
meghan, who wore an apron tied over her jeans one night when
she was visiting us in boston. she had found it at her parents' house
and just thrown it on, and as i recall, it looked so laid back and cute!

apparently, i am not the only one who thinks so, because there
is an entire flickr pool devoted to apron outfits.
here are some of my faves:
and if you think all this apron talk implies that i feel a woman's place
is in the kitchen, you are sorely mistaken. i am talking strictly style here!
in fact, the further away from the kitchen you get, the better your apron
will read as completely unique in any other setting!

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