Thursday, July 29, 2010

♥ i dream in color.

with my wedding a little over a year away,
i have been giving a lot of thought to the color combinations
that i feel will best represent nick and i as a couple,
while also bringing out the natural beauty of the colorful characters
that will make up our gorgeous bridal party.
so far, i am having quite a time trying to make a rainbow connection.

for my birthday last year my sister bought me carole jackson's book,
color me beautiful, a phenomenal bestseller from the 1980's that is
still relevant today even though it is rife with models with bad blow outs,
bad shoulder pads and way too much blush.

the premise of this book is that each of us has our own individual
palette of colors which are believed to bring out our most dazzling
physical characteristics. our skin tone and hair color determines which
season we are and accordingly, which colors suit us best.

determining which season we are essentially comes down to three colors.
red, (a color that is part of our collective genetic makeup), yellow and blue.
depending on whether or not we have a weak or small amount
of yellow and blue in our skin will set the tone for which season we are.
{find your season!}

winters have a blue undertone, and have features which contrast dramatically
with one another such as dark hair and light eyes. they look best in sharp,
intense color which brings out their features, rather than light colors which
wash them out.

summers also have a cool blue tone to their skin, but the contrast in features
is less defined and they look best in more subtle colors that do not
overpower them or look too dramatic.

springs have a warm, yellowish/pinky undertone to the skin with freckles
and light, blondish hair. they often look best in soft colors and pastels.

autumns also have a yellow complexion, but instead of a rosy tone
to the flesh are more ruddy or even colorless. they are usually redheads or
brunettes with golden highlights.

while it seems sort of ridiculous and rather limiting to adhere to a list of colors
when shopping for clothes and makeup, i believe that you will find on
each list the very color that people always compliment you in
or the color that you feel most confident wearing.

if you stick with what looks well on you, you will ultimately save time
and money because you will be able to accessorize quickly and easily,
always have the right makeup on, and never kick yourself for buying
something that totally doesn't look good on you.
color me convinced!

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. My mom still has this book somewhere in her house. I used to read it when I was in grade school and practice putting makeup on myself! According to the book, I'm an autumn but I always wished I was a summer.

  2. i know, i feel like everyone i look at is a winter. i don't really get the damn thing, hahaa. but i do think that there is some truth in it!


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