Tuesday, July 6, 2010

♥ long weekend.

hello my lovelies! i hope you had a fabulous 4th!
this weekend, nick and i sent talula to stay with her grand(cat)parents,
and then escaped the city to visit family and enjoy the calm
country life of connecticut.

we stayed with nick's family in a cabin that they have in their
very lush backyard. his cousins, which are like real life lost boys from
peter pan, go fishing and frogging in the creek, catch fireflies,
play card games, legos and backyard golf, take their kayaks out into the water,
collect animal skulls, shoot beebee guns, start bonfires, and bring their dog
unwillingly into the pool.

we spent our fourth of july on a gorgeous beach where a
beautiful sunset became a beautiful backdrop for a firework bonanza.

to complete the experience, nick's aunt took me blueberry picking
for the first time, ever! yum! it was a very happy, old fashioned fourth :)

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