Friday, July 23, 2010

♥ 'cuz we are living in a material world and i am a material girl.

call me materialistic- but i love my clothes. i know that one should not get so attached to material possessions or invest themselves so much in inanimate objects, but when it comes to the contents of my closet, i simply cannot help myself.

there is no greater joy than waking up in the morning and staring into the rainbow of colors, textures, labels, jewels, shapes & decades that is my closet. unlike most people who complain if their clothing is "out of sight" then it is also "out of mind," i have a running mental catalogue of every piece of jewelry and article of clothing that i own, and can often call key items to mind while shopping for new pieces to add to the collection.

closet organizers often suggest that you should make your closet into an inviting space that you want to visit again and again, and i must say that if i were given a bit of food and my lap top, i could probably camp out amidst my dresses and be perfectly content! as a young girl, my cousins enlisted me as the "closet cleaner" and would invite me over just to take apart their wardrobe and put it back together in color order, neatly organized, and always with numerous outfit suggestions. today, i dream of doing the same thing as a personal stylist.

i am not exactly sure where my possession obsession came from, or when exactly my love affair with my wardrobe came into fruition, but i can tell you it has only continued to grow over the years and as far as i am concerned, will last forever. with that said, let me take you on a little material girl memory lane...

this was my 8th grade closet, the year i was chosen as "best dressed,"
wore platform shoes, loved leonardo dicaprio and lots of orange.
asian prints, rainbows, smiley faces and flowers were huge!

only a few years later and the color trends really started
to change. i was in highschool and i was blonde!
bell sleeved shirts, fur collars and the color cranberry were so in.

ten years later and nearly every article of clothing
in the closet is completely new. lots of black pieces due to my
year of working at bloomingdale's where i could wear only black.
i referred to it as a dark cloud encroaching upon a rainbow.
addition of a full length mirror, a must have accessory to any closet.
look how few dresses i had back then....

nick took this picture of me in the closet of our current apartment.
in the olden days, when our apartment was just a house our closet was a dining
room pantry. now it is a modern day walk in. let's just say, i am in love.

when i first went to hang something up in this closet, i hit the pole the wrong way
and knocked it right off. panic stricken, i soon surmised that perhaps the closet
is a little more fragile than i had anticipated.

after carefully hanging all of my dresses on the thin rod,
i kept expecting to hear a crash and find everything on the floor.
but to this day, my dresses and i are still going strong!
(knock on wood!)

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. oh mrs. dicaprio how i heart your 1997 closet. haha. i love how you took pictures of it over the years. too cute.

  2. i still love leo, i think he was my first real love. hahaha.
    glad you like the closet snaps :)!


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