Friday, July 2, 2010

♥ favorite fashion friday.

this week's fashion favorite is the sartorialist's
oft photographed muse and editor at elle italia:
eva fontanelli.

with her playful way of dressing, gorgeous face, ever–changing hairstyles,
and killer accessories, she continues to look different each
and every time she makes an appearance on the famous fashion blog.

here is a roundup of some of her beautiful looks, dating back as
early as 2006 when "that girl in milan" was named the best of season by
the sartorialist himself!

"alot of actresses are called the next audrey hepburn, but i think
this young lady is the closest thing i've ever seen." scott schuman

"i know i shoot eva all the time, but come on, when she looks like this
all the time, how can i not shoot her?" scott schuman

ps. does anyone know if she has a website or blog?
pps. and if it is translated from italian to english?

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