Tuesday, July 13, 2010

♥ deep blue something.

whoever said, "live your life with no regrets" probably didn't spend
a night at the hotel indigo and forget to pack her bathing suit,
(which is exactly what i did this weekend at the bachelorette!)

just look at those cabanas! they're bananas!

now imagine looking down at them from the window of the hotel on
a hot day without a bathing suit packed: regrets, regrets!!

you would never believe that right behind this little oasis is a bustling highway
rather than an expansive ocean view, or in the case of sex and the city 2 , a desert.

thankfully, the pool is open from now until september, located just off the highway,
it is just minutes away from the city, and costs only $20 for a day pass.
that's a small price to pay for a chic setting and a way to beat the summer heat!

now, if only i could wrangle together 10 fabulous friends and $300 so i could
sunbathe in style in one of those gorgeous cabanas....
anyone interested? you won't regret it!

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