Tuesday, June 22, 2010

♥ shine a light.

i recently read about the portable light project
and was completely blown away by this non profit initiative
to shed light on those who do not have any.

over 2 billion people live without any electricity at all,
and so this project serves to empower and enLIGHTen these poverty stricken
areas by giving people access to solar powered textiles that can be
easily woven and integrated into their cultural fabric.

these solar panels, which can be fabricated into everything from bags
to blankets, can be used as a renewable source of energy that
provides enough light to read by, charge small electronic devices
and offer indigenous people from mexico to nicaragua,
the most basic luxury that most of us take for granted every day.

started by boston architect, sheila kennedy, the portable light project
has helped make some of the poorest people's lives a little bit brighter.

read this article or watch this video to see how the
fashion community is getting involved:

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